Guest house and restaurant


SILVER TREE is an international family guest house based in Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia placed in the heart of the country, around 360 km West from Ulan Bator. Name of our guest house has its origins in the XIII century fountain created by the French artist at the court of Mongolian Great Khan Mongke. Supposedly, each of four gilded serpents entwined around the tree, flowed with various drinks, like mare's milk, for the grandson of Genghis Khan and guests.

For our guests, we offer comforts in Mongolian edition - comfortable accommodation in traditional nomadic yurts as well as rooms with toilets and showers in the house. Our restaurant offers a menu for meat eaters as well as vegetable lovers. Moreover, our common space is open for your imagination as we can organize workshops and other kind of events for groups or you can just enjoy your quiet time in our small library. We offer services in English, French, Russian, Polish and Mongolian.

If you are looking for a comfortable stay after long days of travelling across Mongolia or you are just starting your adventure in this amazing country, you should definitely pass through Kharkhorin and visit us. Get in touch!


  • Classic Mongolian Yurt (up to 4 persons) - 35 000 ₮ per person with breakfast included

  • Kazakh yurt/Mongolian medieval yurt (up to 3 persons) - 35 000 ₮ per person with breakfast included

  • Yurt Accommodation for a Couple (double bed) - 100 000 ₮ for a yurt with breakfast included

  • Accommodation in a Room - 45 000 ₮ per person with breakfast included


Our place is located just next to the local bus station and market place. It is a 15 minutes walk from the biggest attraction of Karakorum - the Erdene Zuu monastery, the city's archeological museum, Mongolian Calligraphy Art Center, and only 3 km from the beautiful Orkhon river valley.


If you would like to stay with us for a shorter or longer period of time don't hesitate to contact us!

Silver Tree Guest House
Мөнгөн Мод (Mungun Mod)
62090 Kharkhorin

Agata & Tamir
+976 9822 2177
+976 9010 3067
[email protected]